The city that has it all.

A city of dreamers and hard laborers, actors and gangsters, stray dogs and exotic birds, artists and servants, and fisherfolk and millionaires.

Khushi Anand

Khushi Anand is a first-year undergraduate, studying
English Hons. at the University of Delhi. She has a keen interest
in tech and enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies.

People pray to god in different ways. They opt for different paths to connect to God. The message sent out from all religions is clear and they all see god as one, single, universal power. But the path to attain oneness with god varies from person to person and depends on their religious beliefs as well.

Religion plays the role of a medium that connects man to god by laying down certain principles and guidelines and expects its followers to follow them with conviction. Adhering to the rules lying in religious scriptures and passing on these practices from one generation to the other has brought us to where we stand today. Read More.

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