Charming Chamba founded by Raja Sahil Varman in the early 10th century nestles on a plateau on the right bank of the river Ravi, like a medieval Italian village fortress. It is known for ornately carved temples, palaces, and stylized buildings.

ChambaLaxmi Narayana Temple: The richly carved temple complex in ‘Shikara’ style was built by Sahil Varman in the 10th century. Other shrines in the complex are – Radha Krishna temple, Shiva Temple of Chandragupta and Gauri Shankar Temple, etc.

Hari Rai Temple: The 11th-century shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Chaugan: This grassy ground is a public promenade in the heart of Chamba. It is a center for all activities, the most important being the famous Minjar Fair.

Around Chamba

Bharmaur (65 kms.)

This original capital of Chamba state is studded with a number of ancient temples and monuments. The most important existing shrines are Manimahesh, Lakshnadevi, Ganesh, and Nar Singh.

Manimahesh (35 kms.)

The sacred lake of Manimahesh nestles at a height of 3950 meters at the base of the peak called Manimahesh Kailash. On the banks of the lake is a small marble Shivalinga called Chaumukha’. The pilgrim site is considered to be as important as the shrines of Amarnath, Kedarnath, and Rameswaram, etc.

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