Edathua Perunnal Festival in Kerala
Edathua Perunnal Festival in Kerala

Edathua Perunnal Festival in Kerala is one of the most famous festivals in India. Edathua Perunnal Kerala is celebrated at St, George’s Church, Edathua, 23 km southeast of Alappuzha town. Edathua Perunnal Kerala is a festival where life at Kerala comes to halt. Edathua Perunnal Kerala is celebrated at a convenient place making it easier for the tourists to reach the place. If you want to reach the place you must know the following information:

The venue is nearly half an hour’s bus journey from Thiruvalla bus stand.
Nearest railway station: Thiruvalla about 15 km.
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 85 km.

Time of Edathua Perunnal Festival in Kerala

Edathua Perunnal is a festival in Kerala, God’s own country. This is a well-recognized form of local festivals which is held around the time of the summer season. It is seen that the tentative date is between April to May. Edathua Perunnal Kerala which should ritualistically be held between April 27 and May 7 are really splendid. It is considered to be a real visual treat for the tourists who flock at the spots during the festive season.

Description of the Edathua Perunnal Festival in Kerala

Built on the banks of the Pamba River, this massive shrine at Edathua where the Edathua Perunnal is held resembles the churches of medieval Europe. The annual feast here starts on April 27 with the hoisting of the festival flag and concludes on May 7. During the feast, the statue of St. George, decked in gold, is carried out and placed on the dais in the center of the basilica.

All prayers and related rituals are conducted here during these days. Devotees from all parts of the state attend the festival. As in all other festivals typical of Kerala, the church grounds swarm with vendors and stalls, selling all kinds of things from food to utensils to jewelry. There are cultural performances every evening. Edathua Perunnal Kerala is one such festival which is a real crowd-puller in the state.

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