Magnetic Hill
Magnetic Hill
Magnetic Hill

The famous Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is a cyclops hill where vehicles defy the force of gravity and move upwards on the hill when parked at the marked location. To experience this phenomenon, park the car in neutral gear in the yellow box marked a few meters ahead of the Magnetic Hill road. From this point, the car starts moving at a speed of 20 km ph.

Even though there are some myths regarding the mysterious magnetic hill, the fact is that the layout of the area and the surrounding hills give it an optical illusion. The downhill road appears to be an uphill road that leads to the car slowly gaining momentum, which seems to be going uphill against gravity when it is rolling downhill.

The Myth Behind The Mystery Of Magnetic Hill

We live in a strange world where sometimes there is no logical explanation of beliefs and superstitions. People say the hill has superpowers that transport the worthy to heaven. However, there is not one but two plausible scientific explanations behind this majestic magnetic hill.

The Optical Illusion Theory

The first theory states that this Magnetic hill is an optical illusion caused by the descending and rising terrain. The alignment of the road and the absence of a visible horizon creates a downward slope to appear like an upslope.

The Magnetic Field Theory

The second theory states that the hill exudes a strong magnetic force that pulls vehicles parked within its range. Many tourists and Indian Air Force officials have collaborated with this theory.

An optical illusion or actuality, the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh has mysterious magnetic properties that draw tourists from across the globe. The hill lies at a distance of 30 km from the town of Leh on the Leh-Kargil highway, at an elevation of around 14,000 feet above sea level. It is one of the major tourist attractions and an almost essential stopover for all those who travel to Ladakh.

How To Reach

Leh-Ladakh has been a favorite spot for adventure-seeking bikers who like to ride it all the way and back. However, Leh has a well-connected airport from where taxies are readily available if that is not you. You can also journey by train to Jammutawi, 700 km from the valley, covered in a local taxi. The last and most convenient option is the Himachal Pradesh road transport buses. These state buses run regularly from Delhi-Manali-Leh, making it a comfortable and easy journey.


Does the hill genuinely exist, or is it just a figment of a delusional tourist’s imagination? A secret you will never honestly know if you don’t experience it first hand. Nesting pretty at an altitude of 14000 feet above sea level. You have to take the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway to reach the destination. Found at a distance of 30 km from the scenic town of Leh, the magnetic hill is girdled by the Sindhu river on its eastern side and cradled in a picturesque backdrop of the Himalayan Range. Just park your vehicle inside the marked box and experience the geological wonder nature has to offer.

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