Ahmedabad dresses lighting decoration ahead of 1st May Gujarat Day
Ahmedabad dresses lighting decoration ahead of 1st May Gujarat Day
Ahmedabad dresses lighting decoration ahead of 1st May Gujarat Day

One of the several holidays celebrated in Gujarat is May Day, Gujarat. One of the traditional summer holidays in pre-Christian European culture it is associated with Maypole. In India however, May Day signifies celebrations related to the labour movement.

Celebrated on the first of May every year, every country has its own significance related to May Day. The May Day, Gujarat is also celebrated on the first day of the month of May. On your tour to Gujarat in India you can get to see the celebration of May Day in Gujarat.

On May Day various socialist and labour movement celebrations were also conducted. So more than the pagan associations, May Day, Gujarat is associated with the political events. May Day is celebrated as International Worker’s Day or Labour Day. It is to commemorate the execution of Haymarket Martyrs who were arrested during the Haymarket Riot of 1886. This occurred in Chicago. On this day a number of labour unions across United States went on a strike and on May 4th a bomb blast by a revolutionist killed a dozen people. Though this took place in May 4, the event had started on 1st May. The association of May Day with communism has made it quite popular.

The protests during the May Day were not immediately successful. It was after the protests that eight hour work days were introduced. The labour leaders and socialists initiated the protests and helped in making the movement successful. One of the significant events in Soviet Union, May Day is also popular in India. During this day in Soviet Union one can see a May Day parade of tanks, rockets. In India, May Day, Gujarat is a holiday. Most of the industrial houses remain closed during this time.

The May Day, remembers the day when in 1884 the Federation of Organized Trades and Labour Unions demanded a eight hour work day in U.S.A. This led to Haymarket Riot and finally the protest yielded results.

On this day a number of labour organizations throughout the country carry their processions and often organize different competitions for children of the labour class. In Gujarat during May Day, Gujarat you can find the protests and rallies of different trade unions who demand to protect the interests of the laborers.

May Day, Gujarat is celebrated as a holiday in Gujarat. The shops and offices remain closed and people spend the day with friends and family. Rallies are organized on this day to commemorate the event and this is one of the important fairs and festivals in Gujarat.