Punjab "The land of five rivers"

Prosperous Punjab, the land of five (Punj) rivers (Aab), was the marvelous land of- Vedas, Indus valley civilization, Taxila University, milk and honey, arts, and artifacts. Through the centuries, it has borne the brunt of invasions and wars and, more recently, the holocaust of India’s partition. However, the enterprising and industrious people of Punjab bounced back to become one of the most affluent states of the country and recorded the highest per capita income in India.

Punjab has become synonymous with high spirits, prosperity, and passionate involvement with life itself. Agriculture is the mainstay of Punjab, and it is given the highest priority. The State is often referred to as the ‘Food Basket’ or the ‘Granary’ of India. Punjab is the ‘Land of Industrial Opportunity,’ with over 1.97 lakhs of small and medium industries and about 653 large-scale industries. It is the market leader in manufacturing machine and hand tools, printing and paper cutting machinery, auto parts and electrical switchgear, etc.

Punjab provides over 75% of the country’s bicycles, sewing machines, hosiery, and sports goods. The contribution of powerful Punjabis in the fields of sports and defense has also been very significant.

The progressive state of Punjab is also a treasure trove for an avid tourist. The fertile land is dotted with formidable forts, magnificent palaces, beautiful gardens, and sacred pilgrim centers. Its rich culture and zest for life are very well reflected in the rhythm of Bhangra, the witty repartees of girls performing the Gidda, and in its numerous fairs and festivals. The mouth-watering cuisine of Punjab is as full of zest as its people. A trip to Punjab is incomplete without an authentic meal of Makki-ki-roti (bread made of maize flour) and Sarson-ka-sag mustard leaves) along with a large glass of lassi (churned yogurt).

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Khushi Anand

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