Hampta Pass Trek
Hampta Pass Trek
Hampta Pass Trek
Hampta Pass Trek
Hampta Pass Trek
Hampta Pass Trek
  • April 23, 2024 6:20 pm
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Hampta Pass Trek Overview:

The Hampta Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh offers a unique blend of landscapes. On one side, you have lush green valleys, and on the other, you encounter rugged, barren mountains. This trek showcases the stark contrast of nature, from blooming spring flowers in meadows to jagged terrains.

Hampta Pass acts as a vantage point to witness two distinct parts of Himachal’s beauty. Looking north reveals the vast Lahaul valley, devoid of vegetation. Turning your gaze to the other side, you’ll see the lush green forests of Kullu valley. The trek covers around 26 kilometers, yet the ever-changing landscape makes it feel like a journey through four seasons. You’ll experience warm sun rays, blooming flowers, and the cold of Lahaul – Spiti deserts.

Hampta Pass Trekking

The trail leads through alpine forests of Maple, Birch, Oak, and Deodar trees. Further, you’ll encounter meadows, sparkling streams, and ascend to the snowline. The steep climb to Hampta Pass rewards you with panoramic views and the unique crossover between valleys. Descending to Sia Goru, you’ll be mesmerized by the Himalayas’ lap. The route to Chatru includes inclines and loose rocks, displaying the trek’s diversity. Chandratal Lake is a highlight, and the barrenness of Chhatru contrasts with the lushness you’ve seen.

The best time for the Hampta Pass trekking is June to September when the snow patches are visible, and the valley is vibrant. The trek is moderate, suitable for fit beginners. Safety-wise, it’s considered safe, with caution around stream crossings and descents.

The trek spans around five days, covering 26 kilometers with a maximum altitude of 14,100ft. It’s an opportunity to witness the Himalayan spectrum, where nature surprises at every turn.

Quick facts about Hampta Pass Trekking:

Start Point/End Point: Manali Base Camp

Hampta Pass Trek Height: 14,100ft

Duration: 4 Nights & 5 Days

Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate

Hampta Pass Trek Distance: 35kms

Best time to do Hampta Pass Trek: Mid June – September

Hampta Pass Trek Highlights:

  • Scenic Contrasts: Traverse from the verdant Kullu Valley with its oak and pine forests to the arid, rocky landscapes of the Lahaul Valley.
  • Hampta Pass: Conquer the Hampta Pass at an altitude of approximately 14,000 feet, providing breathtaking panoramic views of snow-clad peaks and deep valleys.
  • Shea Goru Campsite: Camp by the idyllic Shea Goru, surrounded by stunning vistas and a sense of tranquility.
  • Chandratal Lake (Optional): An extension to the trek takes you to the captivating Chandratal Lake, reflecting the sky and mountains in its crystal-clear waters.
  • Village Experiences: Engage with local villagers in quaint hamlets like Chika, Balu Ka Ghera, and Chatru, offering insights into their way of life.
  • Adventure Thrills: Cross gushing rivers, trek through glacial valleys, and experience the thrill of overcoming challenges in a remote terrain.
  • Photography Delights: Capture the ever-changing landscapes, from wildflowers to dramatic mountain backdrops.


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