This tiny Himalayan kingdom seemed to be still in the 18th century. It is untouched by modernity, and Bhutanese prefers to be like that. Traveling to Bhutan will give you altogether a different experience. At the height of 7,218 ft (2,200 meters), you must consider before planning a visit to Bhutan. Most people living at sea level have difficulty adjusting to high altitude climates.

Here are a few pros and cons that you should consider before opting for Bhutan tour packages.


The People: Bhutanese are genuinely lovely people. They are calm and quiet; it might be due to their religious beliefs. Their genuineness will touch you. Even kids are kind and playful. You will find the guides and drivers very knowledgeable, gracious, talented, and fun to be with.

Buddhism: Bhutanese are true believers of Buddhism, and it is reflected in their life everywhere. You will get to hear several folklores and stories about how things came into being. Even atheists turn inward for a few moments. Buddhism teaches non-violence and detachment from worldly things, if practiced even in a lower percentage, will surely make the world a better place to live.

The Himalayas: You can get a unique view of Himalayan peaks. There are many other places where you can see the Himalayas, but they are not as captivating as this view. There are rhododendrons in abundance, magnolia trees, and fantastic downhill and uphill walks. Adventurous ones will find several trekking options.


Infrastructure: This tiny country has poor infrastructure. You will face difficulty in moving around. One national highway is extremely twisty, unpaved, dusty, and mainly traveled by old-age trucks. Travelling is sure to give you nausea. Mind it; the toilet will be a problem; there are hardly any bushes around the highway to help you with.

Medical Remedies: Keep some medicines with you for common diseases and health conditions. You can’t buy drugs at a chemist store, and locals get their medications at hospitals. You will be required to make much effort for outdoor treatment. You might get homemade remedies, but their effectiveness can’t be guaranteed.

Food: You will have minimal options for food. Mostly vegetarian dishes are served with rice, veggies, and baked beans. Bhutan’s national dish is ema dates prepared with red or green chili and cheese – sometimes it is spicy. Bhutanese don’t kill animals; it is a Buddhist country that preaches non-violence. Even in the most unrefrigerated conditions, meat is brought here from India or Nepal, and it appears to be hacked and separated. You will hardly find a tasty non-vegetarian dish.

Alcohol: There are minimal options. Better keep some with you if you are fond of it. Bhutanese produce a few wines (sweet) and beers, and you have to settle for them if you don’t have any with you. It is hard to find any imported brand. There is a Wi-Fi signal which is often promised.

Altitude: It is situated at a high altitude; 7,218 ft (2,200 meters). Get your health checked before traveling to Bhutan.

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