Bentota is a gorgeous beautiful resort town in Sri Lanka. Located in Lanka’s mesmerizing southwest and on its coastal belts, Bentota is a spectacular part of rural Sri Lanka with green environs in the background, awash with tall coconut palm trees everywhere in the landscape.

The lagoons, the estuaries, and the calm weather, all will scintillate you like never before. Bentota is also famous for its dazzling marine life and you will love the atmosphere once you step in. A serene beauty, especially for the newly wedded couples, this place is speechless and its exquisiteness cannot be expressed in words, but only felt.

  1. Brief Garden

It is regarded as one of the calmest and most composed places to visit near Bentota. Situated eight kilometers from the resort town, this garden is crafted in a Japanese-style design and the feel will take you back to the colonial days, for sure. Heard of Bevis Bawa- no- He is a well-known architect and this garden was his home earlier. You can go through most of his beautiful works during your visit.

  1. Bentota Beach

Even when you google and see the pictures of this placid Bentota sight-seeing destination, you will understand why this place is a must-visit. The beach is genuinely a place to relax and feel comfy in the lap of the mighty Indian ocean. The pristine golden sands will surely take your breath away when you closely watch the vibrancy hidden in them. What adds to it is the beauty of high-end grassroots and palm trees that perfectly outlines the beach.

  1. Bentota Turtle Hatchery

So, while you visit Bentota Beach, do not forget to experience the magic of this spellbinding attraction. You will get to see up to five endangered species of turtles hatching and crisscrossing each other. Especially for nature lovers, this spot is considered the most enchanting place to visit in Bentota. You can visit this place with your family as well, trust me, kids will love it.

  1. Cinnamon Island

It is yet another enthralling spot for tourists and sight-seers. It is also included in the list of the most beautiful places to visit near Bentota Sri Lanka. This island is famous for its age-old cinnamon plantation wherein you can learn and explore every small detail about cinnamon, from how it is processed to how it is used. For generations, this place has been taken care of by a single family and you must not miss this island to visit during your trip to Bentota. This is one of the best places to visit in Bentota.

  1. Galapata Vihara

This ancient beauty was constructed in the twelfth century. What’s most stunning here is the maze of underground tunnels that beautifully connect various temples within the area. It’s one of the best tourist places to visit in Bentota. It houses a thirty-meter-high Buddha statue surrounded by eye-catching paintings. The temple has a very rich history absorbed in it which again makes it a great place to visit and explore for history lovers.

  1. Ambalangoda

Another adorable town near Bentota, Ambalgoda is located twenty-four kilometers away from the town. It is widely known across Sri Lanka and outside for its appealing devil dancers who perform this activity wearing devil masks; this is a must-watch activity, and it will totally flabbergast you. There are small shops nearby the area where you can bargain and buy these masks. I must say this is one of the superb tourist places in Bentota.

  1. Moragalla

A refreshing beach that is mostly calm and is not overstuffed by people. Situated in the south of Beruwala, Moragalla is not that famous, but if you are looking for a place to revive yourself after traveling for long hours, this is it. It has clear blue water and is a perfect place for sports activities such as windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling, among others. You will also see over twenty varieties of mangrove trees lined up at this beach; also, a perfect spot for boat trips.

  1. Diyakawa Water Sports Centre

This spot is bombarded with a slew of water sports activities and you will love experiencing each of them with your family or friends. Very friendly, safe, and cost-effective; and don’t miss the jet ski sport, it will take you to another level of fun. Equipped with all the modern stuff backed by professional and amazing staff, this place is a must-visit. The staff knows their waters, hell yeah!

  1. Madu Ganga River Safari

Hey all the nature lovers, this safari is a paradise coupled with rich wildlife experiences. There are over a hundred and eleven bird species to watch and click pictures. It is also a popular spot for ecologists as well as biologists. You will also see Captain’s boathouse which offers amazing boat rides along the river and you can explore numerous things while spending time with the local guides.

  1. Explore the Galle Dutch Fort

For all the history lovers out there, explore more about Sri Lanka’s culture and tradition at this amazing fort. Located about fifty kilometers to the South of Bentota, this fort is stretched across eighty-seven acres of land. It is home to a huge collection of antique museums and archaic churches. Many art and literary festivals are organized at this fort and you must visit it during one of these fests; its an absolutely invigorating experience at this Bentota sightseeing.

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