According to a recent Global Destination Cities Index, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world, with the most international visitors. The ranking has been released by Mastercard, and it lists 200 cities around the world, with Bangkok at the helm. The list has been prepared by Mastercard by gathering data on its proprietary analysis of publicly available spending data, and visitor numbers.

Bangkok has beaten all major cities, including London, and Paris to be top the list, and it was noted that the city records the most international overnight visitors, which is 22 million in all. Paris and London were ranked behind Bangkok, with 19 million international overnight visitors for each of the two cities.

All the cities in the top ten hosted more visitors this year than the last. London, however, was the only city to see a fall in international overnight visitors among the top ten. London registered almost 4 percent decline, while Tokyo, on the other hand, registered the fastest growth in arrivals this year, with a 10 percent increase in arrivals, taking the number to 14 million.

The Global Destination Cities Index also took a look at the last ten years’ data and were successful in picking out certain other trends. It was noted that in terms of international travel there has been consistent growth.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is known for its unique experiences, and eclectic nightlife fuelled by tonnes of a special offer for tourists, the city is a haven for anyone who would like to let their hair down.

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