Bastille Day : Pondicherry

Pondicherry experiences a background which is different from other parts of India. The place is itself a retreat; you can enjoy the blend of west and east which unites to form a new tradition. Pondicherry was under French dominance for a period of 300 years. This created a French heritage in the society of Pondicherry. The land has experienced various historical significances as Pondicherry witnessed fierce battles between British and French in the bygone days. The rich history and heritage of Pondicherry are well evident in the fairs and festivals and in the culture.

Bastille Day

Bastille Day, one of the main festivals in Pondicherry is also known as the ‘National Day of France’. Being an important French colony Pondicherry celebrates this day with great honor and pride. Located on the coast of Coromandel, Pondicherry was once the center of all French business and transactions in the southern part of India as well as in Asia. On the eve of the Bastille Day, retired soldiers engage themselves in the parade and celebrate the day with Indian and French National Anthems. On the day uniformed war soldiers march through the street to honor the French soldiers who were killed in the battles. You can perceive French and the Indian flag flying alongside that project the mishmash of cultures and heritages.

Time to celebrate

Bastille Day is celebrated with great honor, on 14th July Bastille Day is observed in Pondicherry when this small territory adorns and decorates herself to give a special tinge to the occasion. Being an important French colony, this day is calculated as one of the important dates in Pondicherry’s calendar.

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