Bhuj, the "Jewel of the Kachchh"

Bhuj – The Jewel of the Kachchh, was the capital of the princely State of Kachchh. The old walled city can be entered through crenelated gateways and the maze-like streets bustling with activity are a good place for buying handicrafts items.

Aina Mahal: This beautiful palace with European influence was built in 1759, by Rao Lakhpatji.

Prag Mahal: This imposing palace was made by Rao Paragmalji II. It is built in Italian Gothic style and has large and wide verandahs and a 45 meters high bell tower.

Kachchh Museum: It is the oldest museum of Gujarat and was established in 1877, by Maharao Khengarji III. Located on the banks of Hamirsar lake, the museum has a rich collection of Kshatrapa Mumbai inscriptions, archaeological1 finds, arms and artifacts.

Other places to see in Bhuj – The Jewel of the Kachchh are – Cenotaphs, Snake Temple, Swami Narayan Temple, etc.

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