Gorgeous Gujarat, India’s ‘glorious land,’ has a vibrant historical and cultural legacy. The region came under the reigns of various dynasties but witnessed significant progress under the rule of Chalukyas (Solankis). After this glorious respite, the region faced troubled times under the Muslims, Marathas, and the British. During this time, Gujarat was attacked and plundered by the rampaging forces of Mahmud of Ghazni, but the Chalukyan kings maintained general prosperity and well-being. Gujarat also played a significant role in India’s struggle for freedom. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the most illustrious son of the State, gave a new direction to the freedom struggle movement. Some of the other stalwarts of the freedom movement from Gujarat are Dadabhai Naoroji, Pherozshah Mehta, Badruddin Tayabji, Vithalbhai Patel, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, etc.

Gujarat is also regarded as a bastion of Jainism. Jains, a thriving mercantile society well known for their business acumen and enterprise, have contributed a lot to the progress of the State. Gujarat has witnessed spectacular growth in every sector and is one of the leading industrialized states of India, with industrial giants like Tata, Reliance, etc., hailing from this land. It has also emerged as a leading tourist destination in the country. The rich history and culture and the immense natural beauty and charm provide a fabulous off-beat holiday. Its numerous archaeological and historical sites, majestic monuments, sacred sites, beautiful beaches, hill and health resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, handicrafts, cuisine, and a tradition of hospitality combined with an excellent transport network and other modern amenities Will compel any traveler to pack the bags and reach for this fantastic destination.


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Khushi Anand

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