Hogenakkal ‘smoking rock’

Hogenakkal, literally the ‘smoking rock’ in the Kannada language, gets the name from the fine spray that rises as the water hits the rocks and gives the illusion of smoke. The famous falls at the Tamil Nadu – Karnataka border, amidst scenic surroundings are rated among the most beautiful sites of the South. The broad gushing stream of river Kaveri splits here forming an island, while the mainstream channelizes and plunges into a deep chasm, creating one of the most fascinating falls of the country. The waters before reaching here flow through the forests full of herbs and are believed to possess curative powers. Thus bathing at the falls is considered to be good for health. No visit to Hogenakkal is rendered complete without boating in the little partials. the Saucer-shaped country boats. The unique boats take you close to the main falls as well as around the gorge, providing an unforgettable experience. There are also several masseurs, who provide massage with special masseurs, who provide massage with specially formulated ponankanni oil, a mixture of herbs from Thiruvarur hills. The best time to visit the falls is during the monsoons. The rugged mountainous area around the falls is also considered to be a trekker’s paradise’.

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