Jhandewalan Temple, Delhi

Jhandewalan Temple, Delhi

Dedicated to Maa Aadi Shakti (an avatar of Goddess Maa Durga) Jhandewalan Mandir is an ancient Hindu temple located on the Jhandewalan Road on the way to Karol Bagh, Delhi. The temple is a popular and respected shrine that is visited by devotees of the city as well as pilgrims coming from across the globe. On visiting the temple, the holy ambiance fills one with sanctity. With having beautiful architecture, the temple looks more beautiful during the Navratri Festival when a special Puja is organized and the temple is decorated with flowers, lights and attracts huge crowds. The temple is called Jhandewalan as it got its name from the prayer flags (‘jhanda’ in Hindi) that were offered at the temple during Shah Jahan’s rule.

Today Jhandewalan Temple is one of the most famous religious sites for Hindus and people come here to seek blessings irrespective of their caste and status. Visiting the temple one could experience the echoing in the temple with day and night chanting of mantras.

According to some of the sources, Jhandewalan was once located in a mountain region and it is believed that Badri Bhagat who was one of the great devotees of Goddess Durga had a dream of her where he was told about the idol which was then

built inside the temple.

On visiting the temple, one could explore the beauty of the temple that comprises the upper level of the temple which has the idol of Maa Jhandewali with the idol of Saraswati and Kali along with other Gods. Apart from this, there is also a mesmerizing Shiv Mandir alongside for performing Shiv Puja in the adjoining area of the lower level of the temple.

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