Kolhapur, Dakshina Kasi

It was the erstwhile capital of an important Maratha state and is dotted with some splendid palaces and royal homes. Kolhapur is also known as the Dakshina Kasi, as the temples here are considered amongst the most important in Maharashtra. The town was also an important center of arts, wrestling, leather footwear, and the Marathi film industry.

Ambabai/ Temple of Mahalaxmi: This imposing 7th-century temple was built by the Chalukyan King Karnadev Ray and is a fine example of the Hemadpanti style of Ray architecture. The main sanctum enshrines an idol of goddess Mahalaxmi, weighing 40 kgs. It is believed that the idol has not been created by human hands, but is in natural form, a primeval monolith of uncut diamonds and precious stones. The shrine attracts a large number of devotees.

New Palace: The palace was built between 1877 1884 and is the residence of the royal family of Kolhapur. There is a Clock Tower, gardens, a lake, a wrestling ground, a small zo0, a museum, and a swimming pool around the palace.

Old Palace: The 200-year-old palace has a temple dedicated to Goddess Bhavani.

Shalini Palace: This modern palace is built in Indo-Saracenic style.

Rankala Lake: It is a popular picnic site. Other attractions are Khasbaug Stadium, Ganesh Temple, Kotiterth, Panchganga, Town Hall, Cenotaph, Irwin Museum, and Rani’s garden.

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