Bodh Gaya is the location of the ancient Buddhist temple known as the Mahabodhi Temple. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, this site marks the location where Buddha first achieved enlightenment. Although the site is heavily restored and rebuilt, many parts of the temple remain intact. The Buddha is buried in the temple. The museum contains valuable artifacts and is open to the public.

The temple is situated in the town of Mandalay. The main shrine is located in the north, and a small tower separates the east and the south and west. The pillars are identical, and the main shrine is situated in the northwest. The posts, known as ‘shrine walls,’ contain Buddha’s image and other treasures. The Amalaki is a stone disk that contains a relic of the Buddha’s first six weeks.

As a Buddhist, the Mahabodhi Temple is an excellent choice for meditation. There are numerous meditation halls and benches. You can also find a library there. Its architecture has remained essentially unchanged. The building is located in the center of the complex. It is an ideal place for contemplating. The ambiance is serene and calming, and the surrounding environment will keep you refreshed and feeling rejuvenated.

The main shrine is surrounded by a patterned cushion and is located behind the iconic Bodhi Tree. The Buddha seated on this seat is considered the savior of Buddhists. The throne is a symbol of enlightenment and is covered with gold. The giant gilded black-stone Buddha is a beacon of light. The central shrine is covered in gold and is a center of devotion for many Buddhists.

There are several historical buildings, which have been destroyed in the past. The most notable of these is the Bodhi Tree, which is 25 centuries old. It is the only place where you can visit the ancient Buddha’s enlightenment is celebrated. It is the oldest existing temple in the world and has the essential image of the Buddha. The bodhi tree is two of the most popular places in the city of India.

The diamond throne is believed to be where the Buddha attained enlightenment. As part of the sacred place, the temple is believed to be home to a diverse range of spiritual traditions. The site is known as the Mahabodhi and is considered one of the most critical sites for Buddhism globally. There are other ancient Hindu and Buddhist shrines in Bodh Gaya. These monuments are significant for their religious significance.

The stone railings of the temple are two meters high. The original bars are made of sandstone. The newer ones have a lotus flower in them. Both styles of railings feature garudas and Buddha images. The modern ones are decorated with kalashas and lotus flowers. The ancient vedikas have a similar design but are two meters taller.

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