Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

Boat races are a significant part of the culture and tradition of the Indian state of Kerala. It is an annual boat race that offers great excitement for the viewers. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most well-esteemed boat race held in India. Started in the year 1952, this event attracts viewers from far off corners of the world. It will be a significant experience to witness the huge boats cruising through the backwaters of Kerala.

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held every year on the second Saturday in the month of August. The drum beats along with the chanting of the boat songs known as Vanchipattu builds the environment for a perfect event. The frenzy of activities held during the boat race imparts a distinct character to the event. The celebration of this event also includes music and folk dance performances. This time of Nehru Trophy Boat Race is November 10, this year.

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Kerala is held on the Punnamda Lake in Alappuzha. The area is thronged by teeming millions who come to witness this spectacular event. The occasion attracts visitors from all across the world.

The participants in this race compete fiercely to come out as winners. The sight of the men rowing the Chundans or Snake Boats is admirable. All the rowers are willing to put in their best efforts to achieve glory for their villages. It is a matter of great pride for the villagers to achieve victory in this race. There is frenzied excitement in the air. The air reverberates with cheers and applause.

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