Paragliding in India

Paragliding in India

One of the most fascinating sports that empowers the passengers to view life from a different perspective. The feel of flying high in the blue sky appears surprisingly calm, soothing, and peaceful. It is a lot safer than most people imagine, the sport of Paragliding, in India, entices the attention of the tourists as it gives an amazing adrenaline rush. 

Paragliding, the sport of flying parachutes with design modifications that improve their gliding abilities. It has no rigid framework, the parachute canopy operates as a wing and is constructed of fabric cells with openings at the front that enable them to be inflated by movement through the air, the “ram-air” effect.

Some of the precautions are important to take for a safe paragliding experience, for example, use high-quality equipment, there’s no doubting that most utmost of the accidents is normally caused due to poor flying equipment. Hence, before choosing any paragliding company for the sport, inquire about the status of the things. 

Another information, a passenger should know before paragliding is, training and practice. Expert training is necessary, during the demo session, try to learn anything and everything you can, it is required to know everything about your glider, the functions, safety buttons, and other devices, besides a perfect take-off and a faultless landing is a token of a positivity.

One of the most recommended places to venture out the sport is Rishikesh with the minimum price for paragliding activity is Rs 4380/- person.

  • Kitty Hawk (12 Minutes) – Rs 4380/-
  • Explorer (22 Minutes) – Rs 6990/-
  • Valley Expedition (short) (30 Minutes) – Rs 10990/-
  • Full Rishikesh Expedition (70 Minutes) – Rs 20490/-

September to June is the best time for Paragliding, in India, Rishikesh. Though the climate is almost fine throughout the year, some of the paragliding sites have their particular months when they conduct this experience for adventure enthusiasts. 

Seemingly, flying over hills and cherishing the landscape and sweet melodious silence is a venture that gives enormous pleasure and happiness which one cannot describe in words.

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