Pleasing “Renukaji”

This important pilgrim center is associated with Parasuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who killed his mother on the orders of his father sage Jamdagni. The annual fair held here in November celebrates the immortality of Renuká and her son.

RenukajiRenuka Lake: The sacred lake shaped like a sleeping woman is one of the most beautiful and the largest lakes of the State. The placid lake with a circumference of2.5 kms. is set amidst thickly wooded hills. A road is built around the lake and a number of shrines dot its embankments. Boating facilities are available but fishing is prohibited.

Gayatri Temple: The temple on the left bank of the Renuka lake is dedicated to Ma Gayatri, the mother of Vedas, the treasure of Hindu wisdom. It enshrines a 1.60 meter high Panch Mukhi Ma Gayatri marble statue, marble idols of Ganapati, Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Indra.

Parashuram Tal & Renuka Temple: The large pool near the Renuka lake has a shrine of Renukaji. It was built by the invading forces of the Gorkhas in the 19th century and is said to be the original temple of Renukaji.

Mini Zoo (2 kms.): It is located across the lake and houses Asiatic lions, spotted deer, lion-tailed macaques, nilgai, barking deer barking and Himalayan black bears, etc.

Renuka Sanctuary: It covers an area of about 30 sq. kms. near the banks of Renuka lake and can be reached via Dadahu village. The animals seen here are Asiatic lion, black bear, barking deer, goral, jackal, and leopard, etc.

Paonta SahibAround Renukaji:

Paonta Sahib (81 kms.)

The sacred Sikh pilgrim center on the banks of river Yamuna is 45 kms. from Nahan and 44 kms. from Dehradun. It is àssociated with Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru, and the name Paonta” is derived from ‘paon’ or foot’, as Guru Gobind Singh set his foot over here. The other legend suggests that Guru Gobind Singh lost his ornament-“Paonta “, which he wore on his foot while bathing in the Yamuna river over here.

Guru wara Paonta Sahib: The historic gurudwara on the banks of a muna river is the site where Guru Gobind Singh stayed for over four years. The ancient Yamuna Temple is located behind the gurudwara.

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