Puttaparthi, Famous Pilgrim Center

Puttaparthi, Famous Pilgrim Center, the sacred abode of Sri Satya Sai Baba is a world-famous pilgrim center. Millions of devotees from all Jd over the world visit Sai Baba’s ashram called Prashanti Nilayam, meaning the ‘abode of highest peace’ over here to seek spiritual solace. Sai Baba was born at Puttaparthi on 23rd November 1926. as Ratnakara Venkata Sathyanarayana Raju.

At the age of 14, he announced that he was the reincarnation of famous sage Sai Baba of Shirdi (Maharashtra). On 23rd November 1950, Prashanti Nilayam, his main ashram was inaugurated. The ashram is a large complex with guest houses, dormitories, and dining halls. It can accommodate thousands of visitors and is worth seeing for its magical serenity and divine ambiance. The ashram has transformed the small village of Puttaparthi into a cosmopolitan township with schools, colleges, residential complexes, hospitals, a planetarium, a museum, and a recreation center. Sai Baba preaches religious tolerance, universal love, and service to others. Sai Baba, the ‘god man’ is also a great educationalist and philanthropist. His ‘Education for Human Value’ (EHV) program has been appreciated all over the world.

Sai Baba’s birthday is celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Prasanthi Nilayam and millions of devotees come here to attend the festivities.

Around Puttaparthi

Dharmavaram (40 kms.)

This important Hindu pilgrim center is dotted with several ancient shrines. The most important temple is of Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy, with a towering gopuram. The Ramalingeswara temple is known for its exquisite architecture.

Lepakshi (12 kms)

It lies about 12 kms. from Hindupur on the road to Bangalore from Puttaparthi. According to mythological legends, Jatayu, the king of birds fought here with demon king Ravanna to stop him from escaping to Lanka after kidnapping Sita, the consort of Rama. The 16th-century Veerabhadra temple here is known for its art, architecture, and paintings of the Vijayanagara period and is dedicated to both Shiva and Vishnu. A huge monolith Nandi seated across the Veerabhadra temple, measures about 6. 10 meters in height and 9.15 meters in length and is perhaps the largest sculpture of its kind. It faces another huge monolith of seven-headed naga (serpent) sheltering a granite linga, which is a representation of Lord Shiva and Vishnu.

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