Nepal Twin Valley Tour – Kathmandu & Pokhara
Nepal Twin Valley Tour – Kathmandu & Pokhara
Nepal Twin Valley Tour – Kathmandu & Pokhara
Nepal Twin Valley Tour – Kathmandu & Pokhara
Nepal Twin Valley Tour – Kathmandu & Pokhara
Nepal Twin Valley Tour – Kathmandu & Pokhara
  • April 23, 2024 1:59 pm
  • Kolkata, West Bengal

Things to do in Pokhara:

Pokhara, Nepal, is a playground for exciting activities and memorable experiences. Here are some delightful things to do in this enchanting city:

  • Boat Ride on Phewa Lake: Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the sparkling waters, surrounded by the stunning Annapurna mountain range.
  • Paragliding in Sarangkot: Soar through the skies like a bird and witness breathtaking views of the city and mountains.
  • Visit Devi’s Fall: Explore the magical waterfall and its surroundings, and don’t forget to capture the beauty in your camera.
  • Hike to World Peace Pagoda: Take a scenic hike to this peaceful stupa, and be rewarded with panoramic views of Pokhara.
  • Explore Gupteshwor Cave: Wander through the mysterious underground cave and marvel at its unique rock formations.
  • Seek Blessings at Bindhyabasini Temple: Visit this sacred Hindu temple and experience the cultural vibes.
  • Admire Mountain Art at International Mountain Museum: Learn about the Himalayas and mountaineering through engaging exhibits.

Places to visit in Pokhara :

Pokhara, Nepal, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural wonders. Whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquility, Pokhara has something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for all. Here are some must-visit places for an unforgettable experience:

  • Phewa Lake: A serene lake offering boat rides and a stunning view of the Annapurna mountain range.
  • Sarangkot: A hill station with breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, and a popular spot for paragliding.
  • Devi’s Fall: A mesmerizing waterfall with an interesting legend attached to it.
  • World Peace Pagoda: A tranquil stupa offering panoramic views of Pokhara and the surrounding mountains.
  • Gupteshwor Cave: An underground cave with artistic rock formations and a sacred atmosphere.
  • Bindhyabasini Temple: A revered Hindu temple with cultural significance and panoramic views.
  • International Mountain Museum: A place to learn about the Himalayas and mountaineering history.

Pokhara best time to visit:

Explore Pokhara’s beauty at its best by planning your visit during the ideal times! Spring (March to May) paints the city with vibrant rhododendrons and mild weather, perfect for trekking. Monsoon (June to August) unveils a lush, green paradise, ideal for nature lovers. Autumn (September to November) boasts clear skies, pleasant temperatures, and breathtaking mountain views, making it the prime trekking season. Winter (December to February) offers a quieter experience with snow-capped peaks and serene lakes, perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway. Choose the season that suits your preferences and dive into the enchantment of Pokhara


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