Vizag Araku Tour Package
Vizag Araku Tour Package
Vizag Araku Tour Package
Vizag Araku Tour Package
Vizag Araku Tour Package
Vizag Araku Tour Package
  • April 23, 2024 2:59 pm
  • Kolkata, West Bengal

Highlights of Vizag Araku Tour Package :

  • Visit places like Kailasagiri, Rama Krishna Beach & more in Vizag.
  • Admire the Chaparai Waterfalls on the way from Vizag to Araku.
  • Check out the old and famous Ananthagiri Hills.
  • Drop by Padmapuram Botanical Garden during the Vizag to Araku Tour Package
  • Experience the culture at Araku Tribal Museum.
  • Be mesmerized at the Borra Caves en route to Araku valley
  • Do Try the Bongulo Chicken During Vizag Tour.
  • Don’t miss Katiki Waterfalls near Borra Caves.
  • Visit the most scenic Galikonda View Point on Vizag Araku Tour.
  • Take the aromatic trip to Coffee House & Museum.
  • Experience culture at the Tyda Nature Camp at Araku Tours.

Vizag Tour

Best beach in Vizag:

Explore the magic of Vizag at R.K. Beach! This stunning coastal spot offers golden sands, breathtaking sunsets, and calming waves. Discover the amazing Kursura Submarine Museum or try exciting water activities. Taste yummy local snacks and enjoy cultural festivities. Easily accessible and clean, this beach is a must-visit for your Trip in Vizag. Feel the beauty of nature and the joy of the sea at R.K. Beach – a perfect destination for your trip!

Best Time to visit Vizag and Araku valley:

Winter is the best time to visit this beautiful place, i.e. between October and March. This time of the year is enjoyable and windy. There are many major religious festivals, such as Visakha Utsav, from October to December. The air is dry, which enhances the travel experience. It can be scorching in summer, which may prevent you from going outside. It can be challenging to walk or go to the beach due to the humidity and heat waves that accompany this region. Vishakapatnam is a city that experiences heavy rains from July through September, and it can make it difficult to travel around the city. Visakhapatnam is not the best time to visit during summer and monsoon.

However, for Araku Valley, the best time is between December and February, one of the most stunning places in South India to visit in December. The place’s beauty makes it so popular and can be viewed throughout the year.


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