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Close to Rourkela, lie many scenic places including Khandadhar waterfall, which boasts to be the highest waterfall of its kind in the whole of eastern India. Apart from that Vedavyas, the confluence of two rivers Sankh and Koel is only a few miles from the main city, which is believed to be the abode of Vedavyasa, the great poet, who created the grandeur epic Mahabharat.

RourkelaThe best time to go to Rourkela is in winter. There are various clubs which organizes exhibitions,fest, a competition held during that time. This beautiful city becomes more beautiful at that time. The second best time is during Durga Puja in September – October, where one can enjoy the rich festival at that time.

RourkelaVisit there:

By air – The nearest public airport is at Ranchi which is 250 km away from Rourkela, although Rourkela has its airstrip which is generally used by the dignitaries of SAIL. You can reach there by bus or rail.

By rail – Rourkela is well connected to most parts of the country by superfast trains. It takes around 7 hrs by train from Bhubaneswar. Also, you can reach here from Kolkata which takes 6 hrs. The prominent trains from Bhubaneshwar are Tapaswini express, GARIB RATH, Utkal express. The trains connecting to Kolkata are Sambaleswari express, Gyaneswari express, Gitanjali express, Azadhind, Ahmedabad Howrah express, and Mumbai-Howrah Mail. The cost for both fares is around 400 rs.

By road – You can get to Rourkela from Bhubaneshwar by luxury buses for a cost of 300-400 rs. Also, the roadway is quite good from the state capital.

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