Saga Dawa

Sikkim is famous for masked dances and the festivals that exhibit rare and elegant colors that taint the carnival with a richness and diversity. One of the renowned festivals in Sikkim is the Saga Dawa which is performed in the state of Sikkim with awe and respect. This celebration specially belongs to the Mahayana Buddhists. This is a day for observing religious rites.

Celebration of the Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa is a sacred event in Sikkim. On the day of the Saga Dawa the people of Sikkim, especially the Mahayana Buddhists gather in temples and pay due honor to the Lord who has endowed them with various gifts along with the supreme bliss of life; life as we all know, is that milk of paradise which we drink till our last breath; it is god-gifted.

Buddhists of Sikkim gather in the temples and light up lamps in honor of the Supreme Lord; he is supposed to have enlightened the path of the travelers who travel eternally only to lose their way. When their path is lost they wander amidst the worries of life, but almighty come with a saving hand. The Mahayana Buddhists regard Buddha as their supreme Lord who enlightens their path of life. So, the Mahayana Buddhists of Sikkim light lamp to show gratitude to the Lord.

Butter lamps are usually lit and the ceremony is followed by a grand pageant which consists of Monks who moves along with Holy Scriptures, and chants hymn while moving forward. This pageant travels around the city of Gangtok and is an auspicious occasion. The convoy starts from the Tsuklakhang Monastery.

Sagadawa Festival

This festival is usually held at the 4th month of the Buddhist Calendar. This is approximately in May or early June. It is a magnificent carnival of Sikkim.

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