Setting up cafes at Yamuna riverfront is on the cards

To boost tourism in the capital, the tourism department is planning to set up cafeterias at Yamuna riverfront and city forests. To turn this idea into a reality, the tourism department is in talks with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

Referring to this, an official said that the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) will have a proper business plan. The department will be requesting the DDA for land at Yamuna riverfront and in city forests or district parks, where they will be putting up cafeterias. Going forward, the department will be taking formal approval for the said purpose.

The official also mentioned that the non-availability of land or space has been a massive hurdle as the DDA does not the land of it’s now. And to implement such ideas, the department has to depend on other government agencies. And until departments and agencies collaborate, there is a very less chance to boost tourism in the region. The official also stated that once the plan moves ahead of approval stage, the DTTDC will be introducing cafeteria in Mehrauli Archaeological Park and also set up kiosks in regional parks under the jurisdiction of the DDA.

Although the idea is still in the planning stage, some experts are against this idea. They are of the idea that setting up a cafeteria at riverfront is not a good idea, as the riverfront is not for recreational activities. This is because it will be a strange kind of tourism as experiences of the people will not be complete just by being with nature, they will want to eat something, which will result in accumulation of trash.

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