The Sindhu Darshan Festival is extraordinary pageantry that takes place in Jammu and is one of the most colorful and attractive fiestas held in North India. Reputed for its vibrancy and splendor, the Sindhu Darshan Festival is the pride of Kashmir. It is held in the Ladakh region amidst extensive pomp and gaiety.

Leh is the locale for the celebration of the Sindhu Darshan Festival and this is a carnival for paying homage to the River Indus, whose local name is Sindhu. The belief that India derived its name from this particular River is justifiable. The term Sindhu Darshan in Hindi means the Witnessing of the River Sindhu.

A single glance at the river Sindhu is supposed to be most fortunate and beneficial. So, all around the year, people throng the Ladakh region in order to see the majestic river rippling down the valley gracefully.

Description of the Sindhu Darshan at Jammu:

Sindhu Darshan Festival consists of a holy dip into the sacred river after which men and women put in their best costumes and also pay homage to the Mighty River for her blessings. The river itself is considered as God and men and women offer flowers and fruits to worship the Great River.

River Indus is said to be the largest River in India. It derives its origin from the South Western part of Tibet and enters into the Indian Peninsula through Ladakh or Leh. So propitious is the river that has been mentioned in the Indian Chronicle like the Veda.

The name Sindhu initiated from the Sanskrit language. The Sindhu Darshan is, therefore, a spectacular event that comprises of a series of spiritual processes for the sanctification of the soul. After a holy bath men stand in the river the male members offer Tarpan (which is to offer homage to the forefathers) in the memory of their forefathers.

It is a way of offering water to the soul of the dead. There is an age-old belief that doing this act in the River Indus would permanently release the soul from the clutches of the worldly bonds.

The importance and magnificence of the River become more conspicuous while we go through there ancient Indian Texts and Manuscripts. There is a wide reference to this mighty river. The Sindhu Darshan is thus a fortunate event that is possible only by the lucky people.

While visiting the River one can come across a number of Buddhist Stupas who on the banks. Lord Buddha once offered his visited this river bank along with his fellow beggars. So, this is a potential place or the Buddhists as well.

Time for the celebration of the Sindhu Darshan

This year, Sindhu Darshan will be held on and from 12th June to 14th June.

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