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Surat, the Trade Hub of India

Surat -The Trade Hub of India, is a flourishing port city on the banks of river Tapti is one of the oldest trading centers of India. The British East India Company established its first warehouses in Surat in 1612. It is renowned for fine silks, exquisite brocades, and diamond business. The main attractions are -14th century Fort; Rangupavan, one of the biggest open-air theatres in the country; Sardar Patel Museum and Textile Market, etc.

Around Surat

Bardoli (31 kms.)

Gandhiji launched a farmers satyagraha in 1921-22, under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel from here. The Swaraj Ashram has become a site of pilgrimage.

Dumas (16 kms.)

An excellent seaside resort.

Hajira (28 kms.)

It is the ‘industrial capital’ of South Gujarat and a beautiful beach resort.

Ubharat (40 kms.)

The beautiful beach was the summer resort of the Gaekwads of Vadodara.

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