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The exotic Andaman Islands nestled in the southern tip of India are a great vacation spot any time of the year. The island paradise is home to historical sites, white-sand beaches, lush rain forests, and fantastic water adventures. While planning an Andaman trip in itself is an adventure, and taking a ship to Andaman will take it on a whole new level altogether. Here is all the information you need to take the sea route to reach Andaman.

Getting started

India has three ports to sail to Andaman – Kolkata, Chennai, and Vishakapatnam / Vizag. Each comes with different time durations. If you are not a resident of these cities, you’ll need to factor in costs for getting here. Depending on your ship’s schedule, you may also need to factor in costs for a minimum of 2 days’ stay in the city. Five ships are operating between the mainland of India and the island.


Journey time

On average, you’ll need 55-70 hours when taking a ship to Port Blair, and the time varies depending on your location of origin.

  • Chennai to Port Blair: About 60 hours
  • Kolkata to Port Blair: About 66 hours
  • Vishakapatnam to Port Blair: About 56 hours
  • Distance by Sea (In Kilometers)
  • Between Port Blair & Chennai: 1190
  • Between Port Blair & Calcutta: 1255
  • Between Port Blair & Visakhapatnam: 1200

Journey Cost

The journey fare on the ships ranges between Rs. 2000- Rs. 8000+ for tourists depending on your location and the type of stay you choose for your journey.

Here are your options on the type of ‘stay’ onboard

  • Deluxe Cabin:- Two persons in one Cabin with T.V., Fridge on the top floor
  • First Class:- Four persons in a one cabin
  • Second Class:- Six Persons in one Cabin (Common toilet)
  • Bunk Class:- Just like First Class train coach on the ground floor of the Ship

Procedure for purchasing ship tickets to Andaman

Direct ship ticket booking via STARS (Ship Ticket Advance Reservation System). Ship tickets to Andaman are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is one sailing from each port every week (may differ for Vizag). Most ticket bookings open a month in advance. You can either personally visit the port office in the cities from where you plan your journey or take the help of an expert tour operator who can purchase it for you at a great rate and right time. You’ll need two passport size photos, photo id proof, address proof, full advance payment, and the entry form duly filled out for submission.

  1. For booking ship tickets from Kolkata to Port Blair: Visit the office of the Shipping Corporation of India at Shipping Hosue,#13, Strand Road, Kolkata-17. You can also reach them via phone at (033)284456
  2. For booking ship tickets from Vishakapatnam to Port Blair: Booking of both cargo and passengers is made by an agent of the Shipping Corp M/S A.V. Bhanoji Rao Garuda Pattabiramaiah & Co. Ltd. At the private ticketing counter. You can visit them at Posr Boz no-17, Visakapatnam
  3. For booking ship tickets from Chennai to Port Blair: There are two locations in Chennai for ship ticket bookings depending on the ship you plan to take.
  4. For MV NANCOWRY and MV SWARAJDWEEP, go to the office of the Dy. Director (Shipping Services), Chennai adjacent to Gate No.1 of Chennai Port, Opposite Customs Office, Rajaji Salai, Chennai-1.
  5. For MV NICOBAR, MV AKBAR, and MV HARSHAVARDHANA, go to the Shipping Corporation of India(SCI) office at Madras(Chennai) Port Trust Rajaji Salai, Opposite Customs Office, Chennai-1. You can also reach them on the phone at (044)5231401

Seasickness and the ship journey

Although it may not sound like much to someone suffering from seasickness, the intensity of the problem varies according to the time of the year you are traveling.

  • Months with very little seasickness: January, February, March, April, November
  • Months with mild seasickness: May, October, December
  • Months with average seasickness: June, July
  • Months with high seasickness: August, September
  • Ship travel to Andaman: Factsheet

The ships mentioned above are passenger ships and not cruise ships and hence have no entertainment options on board. You’ll be going abroad to enjoy the sea view mainly.

Carry reading material and indoor games to keep yourself entertained during the journey. A mobile loaded with movies is also a great way to pass your time.

Some ships offer limited choices in food, so it is advisable to carry biscuits, fruits, and even some pickles to add to your stash.

MV Akbar is the oldest ship among the lot.

In the 1950s, S.S. Maharaja was the only public mode of transportation to Port Blair. It made about 18 voyages a year or roughly one trip every three weeks!

Don’t forget to carry a strip of av mine tablets to help you through the journey.

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