Vasco da Gama

The headquarters of Mormugao taluka was named after Vasco da Gama, the discoverer of the sea route to India. Also known as Vasco, the town is set on the western tip of the Mormugao peninsula overlooking the left bank of the mouth of River Zuari. Vasco first came under the Portuguese rule in 1543 and went on to become one of the busiest ports on India’s western coast. In 1684, due to the increasing threats of Maratha invasion over Old Goa, the womenfolk and non-combatant men were shifted here for safety. The construction of the town was finally completed in the late 18th century, as the residential and commercial portion of the Mormugao Port, which by then had become Goa’s major harbor.

Vasco da GamaAround Vasco-Da-Gama

Mormugao (4 kms.)

Mormugao is an important commercial port town on the western coast of India.

  • Mormugao Harbour: This natural harbor is one of the finest anchorages on the western coast. Several steamers and vessels can be seen anchored in the stream, which carries the iron ore and bauxite mined from the hills of Goa. Ferry service plies from Mormugao to Dona Paula across the Zuari river. From the bay relics of a 17th-century Portuguese fort, chapel and colonial Villas nestled atop a promontory can be seen.
  • Hansa Beach: Itis lies inside the Naval base (INS Hansa).
  • Mormugao Fort: The fort overlooking the harbor is now in ruins and only parts of the ramparts and a small chapel is visible.
  • Pilot Point: It lies at the base of the Old Mormugao fort and affords a fine view of the river Zuari, Dona Paula and the Mormugao Harbour.

Dabolim (4 kms.)

Dabolim has the only airport of Goa, which is a naval aviation base and houses the headquarters of the Indian Navy’s aviation arm, as well as the Museum. During the Navy week (end of Nov. to early Dec.), the base is opened for tourists and spectacular aviation shows are held here.

Bogmalo (8 kms.)

The silvery beach just 4 kms. south of the Dabolim airport is dominated by the huge building of Park Plaza Resort. It has watersports facilities like windsurfing, water-skiing, etc. A small Diving School has been opened here recently, which is one of few PADI- approved institutes in India. It operates from Joet’s Guest House.

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