Have you ever wondered where do so many kites come from during every other Indian festival? These kites come from the red well. Lal Kuan Market For Kites, only kite makers live in this place, whose many generations are making their living only by making kites.

A short walk left from the Fatehpuri Masjid is Lal Kuan, the wholesale market for hardware. While there is little to attract tourists to this market, what is noteworthy is that this also happens to be the wholesale market for kites. You will find all kinds of kites in Lal Kuan Market around the year although there is a build-up in the months preceding Republic Day (26 January) and Independence Day (15 August). Patangbaazi or kite flying is big within the ramparts of the walled city with routine tournaments taking place. Given the structure of the houses, with interconnected terraces, kite flying emerged as a popular sport and has been around ever since the walled city came into existence. Kite flying, can, therefore, qualify as one of the oldest sport in the city. If you happen to be interested in kites, do pay a visit to Lal Kuan for its array of kites on display.

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