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The historic town earlier known as Orugallu, Warangal, The Historic Town, was the glorious capital of the great Kakatiyas during the 13th century A.D. It became an important center of Telugu culture and literature under the Kakatiya kings. The fort city is studded with magnificent monuments and temples depicting some of the finest forms of architecture in South India. Warangal, The Historic Town, is also well known for its durries (carpets) and rules.

Thousand Pillared: Temple: The star-shaped temple at Hanamkonda is a masterpiece ofKakatiya architecture and one of the most famous monuments of Andhra Pradesh. It was built in 1163, by Kakatiya king Rudra Deva and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Surya (Sun). The exquisitely carved pillars, splendid sculptures, and a huge six feet high Nandi are noteworthy.

Sri Bhadrakali Temple: The 8th-century shrine set atop a hillock near Thousand Pillar temple enshrines a 2.7 meters tall statue of the Goddess Kali. Other shrines in the temple complex are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Subramaniyam Swamy, Anjaneya, and Nava Grahas. The Dasara Navarathri festival is celebrated here for 9 days.

Warangal Fort: The foundation of this magnificent fort was laid in 1199, by king Ganapathi Deva and was completed in 1261, by his daughter Rudramadevi. It has 45 exquisitely carved towers and pillars. Within the fort is the temple of Mother Earth known as ‘Swayambhudevi Alayam’. Near the shrine is the famous Ekshila’, an ornately carved gateway resembling the gateway at Sanchi.

Khush Mahal: This elegant edifice near the fort was built by Shitabh Khan. It is a mute witness to the glorious past of Warangal. The idols excavated from the surrounding area are displayed here.

Around Warangal

Eturnagaram Sanctuary (80 kms.)

It sprawls along the banks of river Godavari and is one of the oldest sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh. The key fauna includes tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chousingha, blackbuck, and many varieties of birds. Best season – October to May.

Kolunupuka (50 kms.)

The important Jain and Hindu pilgrim center was the capital of Kalyani Chalukyas in the 11th century and the birthplace of Renukacharya, a great beer shaancientiJainit has a number of ancient Jain beautiful temples adorned with beautiful sculptures.

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