Khajuraho-The World Heritage Site

Khajuraho, the World Heritage Site is studded with ornately carved shrines built by the Chandelas. Over 85 temples were built between 950-1050 AD, in a truly inspired burst of creativity. Today, only 22 temples have survived, which constitute one of the world’s great artistic wonders. Each shrine stands on a high, masonry platform, with a marked upward direction in the structure, further enhanced by vertical projections to create the effect of grace and lightness. The temple walls are embellished with exquisite stone carvings that portray every facet and mood of life, from the erotic to the divine, the commonplace to the subline. The temples are geographically divided into three groups – western, eastern and southern.

Western Group: Kandariya Mahadeo, the largest and most typical temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Chaunsath Yogini is the only granite temple and the oldest surviving shrine of the group. Other important shrines in the western group are Vishwanath, Lakshmana, Varah and Matangeswara, etc.

Eastern Group: Parsvanath Temple, Ghantai Temple, Adinath Temple.

Southern Group: Duladeo Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, etc.

Sound & Light Show: The spectacular show held at the western group of temples, Sound & Light narrates the life and times of Chandela kings.

State Museum of Tribal & Folk Art: A rich collection of tribal and folk arts and exhibited at the Chandela Cultural Complex. The State Museum displays items of terracottas, metal craft, woodcraft, tribal artifacts,etc.

Khajuraho Dance Festival: This festival of classical dances is celebrated in Feb./Mar. Eminent dancers perform against the backdrop of the floodlit temple.

Around Khajuraho

Panna National Park (32 kms.)

The jungles spread along river Ken amidst Vindhya ranges are home to some of the best wildlife species in India. The Panna National Reserve was created in 1981 and declared a Project Tiger Reserve in 1994. Its most famous inhabitants are wild cats as well as deers and antelopes. Other animals seen here are – wild dog, hyena, sloth bear, crocodile, etc. Best season – November to February.

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