March is just a perfect month for travelers as the weather is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry. And what would be more fun-loving than Goa to visit?

Gorgeous Goa, the tiny tropical paradise tucked away on the western coast of the Indian Peninsula, is endowed with exceptional scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. Goa has lured mankind since time immemorial. It was referred to as Goyem’ by the ‘Mundaris,’ one of the oldest tribes in the world. The Aryans named it the Garden of Shepherds’, while the enraptured European travelers called it the Goa Dourada’ or the Golden Goa,’ ‘Perola do Oriente’ or the ‘Pearl of the Orient, Roma do Oriente’ or ‘Rome of the East and several other names in praise of this beautiful land. This former Portuguese enclave presents a rare blend of occidental and oriental cultures. The western influence is quite evident in various facets of the Goan lifestyle that abounds with Indian mythology.

Goa spells sun, sea, sand, and socegado (feelings of peace and fun). Its pristine beauty is quite inebriating. Everything is so special and unique that no visitor can escape the magical charm of Goa. With the coastline extending for about 125 kms. and a stretch of about 83 kms. of silvery palm-fringed beaches, the State has emerged as a virtual paradise for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

The State is also dotted with ancient forts, ruins, mansions, churches, temples, tombs, etc. The numerous fairs and festivals and the weekly markets showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region. As one reaches this colorful State, what strikes you first is the easy-going, fun-loving, accessible, and tolerant Goan lifestyle. The impact of Portuguese rule is distinctly evident. Goans are very proud of their culture, and their love for music, dance, food, and festivities is legendary.

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Khushi Anand

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