Different Religious Faiths

People pray to god in different ways. They opt for different paths to connect to God. The message sent out from all religions is clear, and they all see god as one, single, universal power. Nevertheless, the path to attain oneness with god varies from person to person and depends on their religious beliefs.

Religion plays the role of a medium that connects man to god by laying down certain principles and guidelines and expects its followers to follow them with conviction. Adhering to the rules lying in religious scriptures, and passing on these practices from one generation to the other, has brought us to where we stand today.

Once a child is born in a family practicing a particular religion, the family members enforce their religious views on it and slowly instill faith in its tender mind. The child becomes the carrier of these practices, and he takes it to the next possible level, and this continues from one generation to the next one.

India is a land of different religious faiths. We find people who go to temples to offer prayers to God. Many others seek blessings from the lord by visiting churches. Others visit mosques to find oneness with God and many more. All these religious beliefs provide their channels to connect to God.

Likewise, people from different religions also differ in their cultural ways, lifestyles, food, clothing, celebrations, and how they live. People also habitually develop different food habits based on their religion, different ways of offering their services to god, idolizing god, etc.

In totality, religion is the base on which a person’s faith in God takes a particular shape and structure and finds its unique path to reach oneness with god. With religious beliefs arise the question of superiority leading to clashes between different religions.

India, a secular country, gives total freedom to a person to decide on the religion he wants to follow. Nobody can force a person to practice a particular religion that is against his belief system. Provisions for maintaining communal harmony and respect for all religions are laid down in our constitution, and we as citizens of this country should abide by this without fail.

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Khushi Anand

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