Andhra Pradesh

Incredible Andhra Pradesh, a fascinating blend of antiquity and modernity, is a beautiful panorama of magnificent monuments, great ancient shrines, splendid natural beauty, exotic wildlife, and modern temples of progress like Nagarjunasagar and Hitec City of Hyderabad. This land of Krishna and Godavari is also noted for its rich cultural heritage of literature, art, music, dance, and drama that caters to the demand of every visitor.

The antiquity of Andhra Desa dates back to 236 B.C., the year of Mauryan emperor Ashoka’s death. During the following centuries, Satvahanas, Sakas, Ikshvakus, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas held sway over the region. It also came under the rule of the Vijayanagar empire, and Qutub Shahis followed by the Nizams. 17th century onwards, the British annexed the territories of the Nizam and constituted the province of Madras. The charms of Andhra are rich and varied. Besides the famous archaeological, historical, pilgrim, and leisure centers, the State has numerous attractive off-beat tourist centers.

The coastal Andhra Pradesh extends for over 960 kms. making it the State with the most extended maritime boundary in the country. It is dotted with some of the fascinating virgin beaches, which can make Andhra one of the most exciting seaside destinations in the world. The northern areas are mountainous and have some beautiful hills and healthy resorts. The State, also known for its excellent communication network and hospitality, is rapidly emerging as the tourist destination of the new millennium.

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Khushi Anand

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