Maharashtra ‘The Great Nation’

Maharashtra, or the ‘great nation,’ is indeed one of the most significant states of India. Not only is it a State larger in area and population than most countries of the world, but it is also one of the most industrially and commercially developed areas of India. However, modern Maharashtra is not the bustle of industrial and agricultural activity or the frenzied pursuit of wealth and progress alone.

Part of the everyday scene anywhere in the State is the signs of its unique religious, cultural, historical, and martial heritages. Here are hundreds of shrines of all faiths that are almost as old as the religions. Every wherein the State is to be found evidence of the artistic skills of a people whose culture goes back thousands of years. In song and dance, painting and sculpture, architecture, and handicrafts, Maharashtra displays a fascinating variety of brilliant achievements that is nowhere more evident than in its cave temples and Hindu shrines.

All over Maharashtra are the relics of the glorious history of the great Chhatrapati Shivaji bequeathed the Maratha Empire. Apart from culture and history, Maharashtra, ‘the great nation,’ offers an idyllic traveler bliss in a land blessed by nature. Quiet and beautiful hill stations nestling in the bosoms of rugged peaks, secluded palm-shaded golden beaches lapped by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, rushing rivers offering sport and recreation, placid lakes and warm springs that are balms that soothe and dense monsoon forests where bird and game never fail patient animal lover… These are all part of land created, as it were, only for a relaxing holiday.

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