Himachal Pradesh, “The Land Of Snow”!

June is one the most desirable period to travel to Himachal Pradesh or any other hill station! However, Himachal Pradesh, “The Land Of Snow,” is the best one anyone would ever recommend to you.

Himachal Pradesh, or “The Land Of Snow,” is a veritable paradise endowed with great natural beauty and spiritual calm. The verdant valleys surrounded flowing placidly in the valleys, dense forests of decoder and oak, by lofty snow-capped peaks, roaring rivers rushing through gorges or flowering meadows, glaciers, and high altitude lakes brings an ethereal, otherworldly beauty at your doorsteps. No doubt, this ‘Himalayan Jewel’ is a tourist’s dream and delight.

After independence, 30 princely states of the area were united, and Himachal Pradesh was formed on 15th April 1948. With the re-organization of Punjab on 1st November 1966, certain areas belonging to it were also included in Himachal Pradesh. Finally, on 25th January 1971, Himachal Pradesh attained full-fledged statehood. The simple, peace-loving people of Himachal Pradesh are renowned for their honesty, tolerance, and hospitality. They are primarily Hindu by faith, and each village has its traditional deity. The State is dotted with thousands of temples and is also called the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ or the abode of gods. Himachal is also a land of colorful fairs and festivals that are unique in style and attractive in the display. The most important fairs are Minjar of Chamba, Shivratriof Mandi, Dussehra of Kullu, Lavi of Rampur, and Renuka of Sirmaur.

Himachal Pradesh, “The Land Of Snow,” also provides an excellent opportunity for adventure and fun-seekers and is considered an ideal place for activities like trekking, mountaineering, fishing, river rafting, skiing, para-gliding, ice-skating, and golf. A visit to this enchanting land is the most relaxing and satisfying experience.

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