New Year

We are finally in 2020! Woah, a new decade!

This month I want you all to see how other countries celebrate the New Year. Every country is different in its way but what makes it similar is we all love to celebrate it with our desires and traditions!

People like celebrating New Year’s because it gives them a sense of positivity and enthusiasm about lots of new beginnings, and a chance to celebrate making it through another of 365 days! Sliding into a new year with a bang makes us want to live the rest of the year the way we started it— with warmth, celebrations, joy, and laughter.

Moreover, it’s a chance to officially take pride in our accomplishments and make our non-successes a thing of the past, rejoice time spent well and make plans to make up for time lost, value new relationships built and say goodbye to the ones broken, and most importantly, celebrate and embrace the persons we have been this past year.

Anything you love to do, that makes you happy, is a celebration— be it spending the day with loved ones, a day in bed with your favorite movie on, or partying hard with friends!

I wish you a new year loaded with happiness!

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Khushi Anand