Seven Sisters

From the past two issues, I’m getting an enormous amount of respect and admiration from people. Furthermore, it’s really considerate that people love what I write.

As y’ all know, the northeastern states of our country are genuinely not explored by multiple individuals, so I thought, why not this month? We get you all on a beautiful journey of Seven Sisters.

This is the most exotic, wild, unexplored, and strange part of India and is endowed with unmatched natural magnificence, and it’s still unspoiled by human activity. The green grassy valleys, mighty and majestic mountains, glaciers, intertwined rivers, cascading waterfalls, and an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna are some of the attractions of this field. The northeastern states are home to the most colorful people on the earth and are one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions in Asia. The tranquil, placid, serene beauty of Northeast casts a magical spell on the travelers and springs surprise around every nook and corner. This unexplored ‘paradise’ is a perfect destination for those looking for an offbeat holiday.

Seven Sisters is undoubtedly among the most astonishing places on land, and once you’re here, you’ll definitely wish to revisit it. The tour is never enough cause there are many more to explore, more things to do, and more to learn in these seven states of India.

Travel Viewpoint will give a home to your dreams, and you’ll see that things aren’t that much hard as it seems. You’ll be boosted for traveling.

You wanna know what’s the cost of this land, this universe, and where they are sold? Just travel to know, you’ll the answer!

And let me tell you one thing, the world is actually a safe place to explore. The majority of people are good, and they really want o meet new people. So if you’re not exploring your world, a new city, a new state, a new country, you’re missing out. Try something new and get lost in this world, but you’ll find your companion, the “Travel Viewpoint,” always by your side. We can’t wait to see where you go and hear your stories.

Plan your escape with us! We’ve got your back.

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Khushi Anand

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