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Tamil Nadu, the land of Tamils & Temples!

Classic Tamil Nadu, the land of Tamils and Temples, is situated on the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula. This gateway to the South offers everything that excites visitors: clean and quiet hill stations, beautiful beaches, majestic temples with towering gopurams, waterfalls, monuments, art, culture, heritage, and much more.

This warm and hospitable land is the home of Dravidian art and culture. Tamil Nadu has over 2000 years of continuous cultural history. The State’s recorded history commences from about 1st century A.D. and is dominated by the Pallavas, the Pandyas, the Cholas, and the Cheras up to the 14th century. These empires more or less co-existed in time but held rule in different parts of Tamil Nadu. They were great patrons of art and culture, well exhibited in hundreds and thousands of sacred shrines dotting the entire State. Temple worship is still a way of life, and traditions are meant to be followed here.

Tamil Nadu, the land of Tamils & Temples, has some of the most important pilgrim centers for all faiths and religions, flourishing here in complete harmony since time immemorial. This nature’s paradise has over 1000 kms. Long coastline dotted with some of the best beaches in the country. There are some excellent hill resorts, too, endowed with exceptional scenic beauty and bracing climate. It also has some of the finest wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. If this is not enough, experience the splendid festivals, the feast of Carnatic music and Bharata Natyam, the shimmering silk of Kanchipuram, and the most delicious South Indian Cuisine. A visit to this complete tourist destination is bound to be engraved in your mind forever.

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